Comparing the Top Indian Import Export Data Providers.

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For Indian businesses navigating the complexities of import and export reliable data on trade flows is crucial for making informed decisions.

This is where import export data providers step in offering a treasure trove of insights into global trade patterns.

But with a lot of private providers available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

This blog dives deep into four prominent Indian import-export data providers:,, Seair Exim Solutions and Eximpedia.

We’ll compare their offerings across key parameters to help you identify the best fit for your specific needs.

Data Coverage Boasts extensive coverage of over 220 countries, providing a global perspective for businesses looking to explore diverse markets. Offers data for a respectable number of countries, though details on their exact coverage might require contacting them directly.

Seair Exim Solutions: Focuses primarily on Indian import-export data, catering to businesses solely engaged in Indian trade.

Eximpedia: Similar to Seair Exim Solutions, Eximpedia’s core strength lies in Indian trade data, making it a valuable resource for domestic businesses.

Data Granularity: Provides detailed shipment information including product descriptions, HS codes, quantities, values, ports of origin and destination.

This granular level of data empowers businesses to conduct in-depth market research and competitor analysis. The level of data granularity offered by is unclear from readily available information. It’s advisable to inquire about the specific data points included in their packages.

Seair Exim Solutions: Specializes in detailed Indian import-export data, allowing users to track specific products, companies, and trade trends within the Indian market.

Eximpedia:Offers comprehensive Indian trade data with details on products, shippers, consignees, and ports.

Data Updates: Emphasizes real-time data updates, ensuring users have access to the latest trade information for informed decision making. Information on data update frequency is not readily available on their website. It’s best to contact them directly for clarification.

Seair Exim Solutions:Updates data regularly, providing users with a clear picture of current Indian trade activity.

Eximpedia:Similar to Seair Exim Solutions, Eximpedia offers frequent data updates to maintain data accuracy.

Customization and Reporting: Provides customization options, allowing users to tailor data reports to their specific needs. This flexibility empowers businesses to focus on the most relevant trade insights. Details on customization options are limited on their website. Reaching out to them for information on report generation might be necessary.

Seair Exim Solutions: Offers customized reports for Indian trade data, catering to the specific requirements of domestic businesses.

Eximpedia: Provides customized reports on Indian import-export data, enabling users to gain deeper understanding of their target markets.

Additional Services: Goes beyond just data by offering trade leads, market research reports, and business intelligence tools. This comprehensive approach provides a one-stop shop for international trade needs. Information on additional services beyond data provision is not available on their website

Seair Exim Solutions:May offer additional services related to Indian trade compliance or logistics, but specifics require further investigation.

Eximpedia:Details on additional services are limited, so contacting them directly for information is recommended.

Pricing: Pricing varies based on the chosen data package and customization options. They likely offer a range of plans to suit different business needs.  Similar to, likely has tiered pricing based on data coverage and features. Contacting them for specific pricing details is advised.

Seair Exim Solutions: Pricing might be tailored towards the Indian market and could be more competitive for domestic businesses.

Eximpedia:Pricing structure for Eximpedia might also cater to Indian businesses and could be budget-friendly.


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